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If you’re interested in some of the issues that Hexed touches on or are keen to learn more about feminism, here are some books, websites, charities and initiatives that I love.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more.

Set up by Laura Bates as a place where women could record instances of the everyday sexism they experience no matter how big or small, knowing that it helps to feel heard and we’re in this together.

Trigger warning: This website includes descriptions of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse

Supports students and teachers to promote gender equality across education – their website has lots of great resources for schools and individuals and they also provide training and campaign for gender equality.

An online magazine that covers all aspects of contemporary feminism including books, film and tv, politics, music and more. Run by volunteers and open to submissions.

One of the OGs of feminist organisations, is a members charity that campaigns for equal rights for women in all areas of life.

Brilliant charity who provide period products for those who can’t afford them and provide menstrual education. They’re full on and fun and straight-talking and are encouraging us all to talk about periods more.

Make chlorine and bleach free, ethical and environmentally friendly tampons and pads AND every time you buy a product, they donate one to girls and women in need – what’s not to love? Great products and lots of period information on their site.

A brand that does great 100% organic tampons and research-based period products to help you through your cycle. Brilliant care bundles, a thriving community and great period information too.


by Laura Bates

by Laura Bates

by Bryony Gordon

curated by Scarlett Curtis

by Elizabeth Acevedo

by Jennifer Mathieu

by Lucy Cuthew

by Louise O’Neill

by Amy Beashel

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